Earth Day 20/20 Vision

In the midst of Covid19, and
the global economic shutdown,
something quite phenomenal is unfolding...

For the first time in many years, 
people in large cities can hear the
birds singing.
With industry/commerce shutting down,
the skies are clearing, air quality now improving.

Weather forecaster, Al Roker, commented,
"It's like the reverse canary in a coal mine."

The birds are singing with a new vibrancy.
And with the absence of noisy traffic, their
songs are still louder and clearer.

In northern India, the reduction of air
pollution has allowed people to see the
snow-capped Himalayas from over 200 k's
away - for the first time in decades!

Even New Delhi is experiencing clear skies.

And how about L.A., just two weeks ago, it
registered the cleanest air on the planet - great surprise!

Sea Turtles are returning to less trodden beaches
for nesting.

Dolphins are swimming through the canals of clear
waters in Venice, once again.

As the air clears, as the waters run clear,
the lessons are perfectly clear...

Our planet wants to heal!

the way we treat our planet mirrors
the way we treat its citizens, inhabitants.

To heal the Earth
is to heal Ourselves

Save the Earth
All the life it delivers

There's a new environmental group
on the rise - check it out:

Photo Credits:

Sea Turtles;  Wikimedia Commons 


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