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Earth In Snow While It Lasts

  As snow is in decline in many parts of the country, the trajectory of the models show it only worsening.  Here in Missouri, we received 3 inches, some parts even more. My neighborhood hadn't  seen significant snowfall in a couple of years.  As I watched the snow fall from a window, I was suddenly swept by an urgency to venture out into this world of wind n' flake, and the sting of the cold.     So out the door, off I go Do bare trees shiver? Big Pine Manor invites the birds inside Christmas lights in February? The glow of light and snow under the cover of night; Oh yes _________ A few days later, 60 degree temps bring the quick melt.  The day before the snowfall, my sister from Southern Illinois said that her Crocus Plants were already popping up. She keeps a seasonal journal and suggested that February might be the new March... No surprise, as we just finished the hottest year on the planet!  Climate Change is on full display every day of every season. The vast majority of A

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