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The 2nd Wave of Spring & Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, May 15 -16

I could be Bilbo, stepping my way to a new gateway...   Just outside our doors, a new adventure awaits... But just one more trip down April's path One still asleep, Evergreen always awake, Redbud surprise for weary eyes... under the canopy of Bradford Pears The first wine and bread of Spring Chlorophyll gently simmers in morning rays A Chartreuse haze now holds my gaze On the threshold of May... The lushest of greens are well underway... The sacred synergy of the yellow and the green... and all the life that it brings... (St. Louis just set a record high daily temperature, 94 degrees, on May 11.  Hope these Cardinal's eggs don't boil) _________ Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse  On the night of May 15, 2022 (Western Hemisphere) Watch the moon travel in and out of Earth's shadow, and turning colors of copper-red Links -  helpful animation; NASA more general info; photo credit: Cardinal eggs hatched just days ago; my friend, the gifted gardener/photographer

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