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Earth in Spring, First Wave

Oh barest of trees,  held in winter freeze your dreams are made of  leaves How long until we see? The second coming... Out of sight?  Happens overnight! It starts low, in the ever blades below, Just a moment later, it spreads to the bushes, shrub n' scrub then climbs to the trees, the holy proceeding of the earth in greening... While bloating, bulging, bursting buds - Explode! Big Bang of colors in flame.   Every Spring is never the same... Bradford Pears, everywhere! I get down low on the floral floor , to burn these colors into pixels.   The first Dandelion rises with the sun... The first wine, the first bread the first communion, at the altar of Spring (so bees do have knees) but then, winter takes a fling one last sting? Or a brief romance of Winter in Spring... _____ Photo Credits: Grass - Wikimedia Commons bee on dandelion - Wikimedia Commons blooms in snow - my neighbor, a gifted gardener & photographer   

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