The Strawberry Full Moon - June 21


On the first full day of Summer, The Strawberry Full Moon will rise tonight, June 21.

This June Full Moon gets its name because it coincides with the Strawberries Harvest. However, because this full moon will be low in the sky, the horizon often illumines it with an orange-red hue. 

Fresh strawberries are also top of mind. As we bolted out the classroom doors and shouted, "Schools out for Summer,"  families and friends would head for the Strawberry fields. Picking by the quarts in a glorious abundance. Later that night, Strawberry Shortcake stacked under piles of whipped cream!  

What a joyous way to kick off Summer! 


But with summers getting hotter every year, are strawberry fields diminishing? 

Fox News and the extreme right are still fanning the flames of a planet  that's already on fire! 

We need to have louder voices!  We need to be the loudest voices in the room! For the  vast majority of Americans know Climate Change is a real threat to the planet! 

We have the tools and knowledge to save our planet!


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