NEW Image of Milky Way Galaxy's Center/ NASA

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy like we have never seen before!

They're calling it a tapestry.  Threads of super heated gases and  magnetic fields are weaving it together.  
They're calling it a masterpiece.  That too, Oh yes!

Hundreds of observations  were gathered from the Chandra X-Ray and Meerkat telescopes to produce this image, this mind blowing mosaic - 20 years in the making!

The more we learn about these energies, the more we learn about Galactic Space Weather.  This weather is driven by volatile forces such as supernova explosions, close-quartered stars blowing off hot gas, and outbursts of matter near regions of Sagittarius A, our Milky Way Galaxy's supermassive black hole.  


Cosmic Perspective:

How many stars are in the Milky Way?  Approx. 100 billion stars

 How many galaxies are in our universe?  Approx. 125 billion galaxies in the "observable" universe...


NASA - For more info on above image


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