December Full Moon, Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve Surprise...

December's Full Moon, the closest Full Moon to the Winter Solstice; hence, it is often called the Long Night Moon.  The name originating from our Native American family.

The Celts, dating back well before the 10th century, called it the Oak Moon, and the "Moon Before the Yule."  Yule was a three  day Winter  Solstice festival celebrated in parts of pre-Christian Europe.  These people knew how to party.

It's a Full Moon weekend -  that will quickly spirit us to the shortest day, the longest night,

Winter Solstice, December 21, 2021

The next day, the first day, of light increasing...Wahoo!

and on Christmas Eve,
maybe a surprise,
of cosmic size

posting soon...

post post notes:

Our Native American family also called it the Cold Moon.
Aptly named in its day; but today, sad and alarming, Decembers are getting warmer in many parts of our country.
Perhaps we'll soon be calling it the Tornadoes Moon

Photos:  courtesy of NASA


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