A Star In The Clouds

The night sky is lightly diffused with city lights, much akin to a dimly lit, backlight screen.  I can still see crowds of clouds.  
Some begin to separate,  
part to impart,

a mirroring of a galactic vision

A bright white star now appears.
A beacon encompassed by haziest of clouds.

It sparks a memory of an old favorite image

Helix Nebula  - taken by Hubble 
(nebula:  cloud or fog in Latin)

Southern Ring Nebula - taken by the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), just days ago

Nebula, Nebulae

Shrouds of death
dying star's last breath
its last request
to sow the cosmos with seeds of life

Stars sow seeds
Seeds sow stars
Sometimes, you and me,
at least once in space-time

A small back yard, a small patch of sky
all the imagery
started right here...



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